Rahm Your Beloved Schools need You HOME



Open Letter to our Mayor,

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is famous for saying “I get it…”. Well “I get it too” why he needs to promote our city in China. However,“ I don’t GET IT” why he doesn’t show a sense of urgency coming home to a weather crisis. Yes we have a potential weather crisis

Parents have been told that they should send their children to school at their own discretion. I suppose for the Mayor and his children this will not be a problem, their school The University of Chicago Lab School will be closed for the sever weather January 6, 2013.
I don’t know if it is presumptuous of me to ask the question, but are Rahm’s children part of his “family” in Indonesia? Rahm admitted that he tries to take his children to a different part of the world every year. . If this is the case, his children missing school would be marked against the school as a negative mark. As we know, schools lose points in their Tier level, when students miss school. This just bothers me when you imagine that the average student, and teacher, would struggle, or have to steal, to be able to even take a week vacation to a place just like Florida

I suppose technically Mayor Emanuel is doing the right thing by going on a trip to promote Chicago in China. According to the Chicago Tribune, the trip is paid for by the World Business Chicago, which is partially financed by the City of Chicago. Along with him is his hedge fund friend and adviser Michael Sacks. Sacks, just by chance, according to Crain’s donated $105,000 USD to the Rahm campaign. When the trip is over Rahm will be visiting his family in Indonesia. Here is where my problem starts. We live in a day an age where you can find a Skype connection in any Cafe all over the world. I am also sure that he, who is worth millions, has the capability of connection his laptop to his Iphone or hotel internet access to make a statement to his “beloved” school children.

I also wonder if the mayor brought his “clergy” that he often brings along for Charter schools and teacher strikes. Something tells me that they did not get an invite. If Mayor Bilandic lost his job for his inaction for addressing the blizzard in 1979, why isn’t the press addressing Rahm’s absence? I understand that getting into Chicago is difficult, but he could at the very least return to the United States to help “command” the situation, like he loves to do.

I am not trying to pick on Mr. Rahm Emanuel, but I just feel that the timing of his trip is a little off. Rahm is no different from any other politician. All claim to have a connection to the people. A “family” trip with his family to Indonesia just seems wrong, as was Mr. Obama’s Trip to Hawaii during the health care crisis and Mr. Bush’s famous “ranch” trips during the Iraq war. In these times of high poverty, he should not be taking luxury vacations when his school CEO Barbara is asking schools school janitors to check boilers on a Sunday.

However, my concern as a teacher and Citizen is a mayor traveling with his family while people literally face death. Mr. Emanuel, get back to the USA and help your fellow citizens. At the very least get on Skype, call the front desk at asks for the password for your room. Tell the citizens your plans and why YOU think the schools should be open even though the school your children go to is closed, as well as many suburbs. You are the force behind the schools; schools first are for Children’s safety not publicity and shots of you with children in the library. It’s not all about PR stunts by attending High School graduations. If You claim to be the advocate of the children, but you seem to be avoiding them at this very tough time. Chicago will be fine, but it is still a sacrifice and danger for many families. The Children need a mayor, not a world traveler.

Why don’t you travel the streets and see the work being done by city workers, and ordinary citizens, rich and poor. My neighbors are shoveling their walks, and those of our neighbors. Even while you were off in Washington, renting out your house, and working for your hedge fund, this city was getting things DONE, not traveling to exotic locations. I am assuming streets and sanitation workers can’t take winter vacations, why should you? You are an employee and manager of this city, you need to cut your trip short.

Parents are deciding if they should send their children to far-flung charter schools and neighborhood schools with temperatures in the sub zeroes, I suppose our mayor mayor’s biggest decision will be …..the pool or the beach


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